80's Cartoons Which Would Make Good Movies
After having read an article over at our friendsof  Den of Geek, on 80's cartoons I Thought what cartoons would make great movies. Besides GI Joe and Transfomers the 80's a "few" more cartoons wich could be turned into live action movies, some of which can only be done now because the technolgy we now have. Here is my short list:
M.A.S.K. is short for Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand with Matt Tracker at the helm, fighting against VENOM who plan to take over the world. 

Why would it make a good movie? With films like Transfomers and Pacific Rim, M.A.S.K. also has awesome vehicles in it, which cannot transform into cool giant robots , but it has a plane transforming into helicopter and motors & cars which can be minisubs. 

The story line for it is somewhat similar like the GI Joe but somehow I liked it better, maybe that was because of T-Bob, the robic friend or it's intro. You decide. 


An other great cartoon from that era is Starcom a sci fi cartoon show in which a band of Ace fighter pilots as "they fought off attempted invasions by Shadow Force, a nasty collection of aliens and robots led by the nefarious Emperor Dark (wikipedia)".

The show only aired for one season and was only succesful in Europe and Asia and thus not making it with the intended traget audience, the kids in the USA. (It was basically a promotional series to join the astronout programme for NASA).

Why would it make a good live action movie? With the re-boot of Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars it just fit is. The show has a feel of both. The Shadow Force has similarities with the Cylons and Stormtroopers. Now with the new Riddick, Enders Game coming out and Pacific Rim already in the cinemas, it could make a great addition to the sci fi genre, of which is there is too few films are made these days. 


Next up on this list (one of my favorites from that time) Bravestarr. This was a sci fi Western show revolving its main character MArshall Bravestarr and his horse/ deputy Thirty/Thrity. The series was made by the team behind He-Man and the Masters of the Univers and the Ghostbusters cartoon (Lou Scheider,Filmation). Actually the main bad guy, Tex - Hex came from the Ghostbusters series. 

Why would it make a good live action movie? With the not so recent Cowyboys and Aliens film, which could have been so much better, this actually has a nice background story. "The setting in most episodes is planet New Texas, which is in a planetary system containing three suns. The system is located1956 light yearsfrom Earth. New Texas has a large desert, and the entire planet does not have much water of which much is imported. The planet's natural resource is Kerium, which is extremely valuable and powerful. A small amount of Kerium can supply large amounts of energy to a spaceship. As a result, everybody (including outlaws) wants Kerium (wikipedia).

This story alone could inspire a great screenwriter to a great film, I mean, some consider Cowboys and Aliens a good film. So a Marshal in space with powers such as eyes like a Hawk, strentgh of a Bear and speed of a Puma. 


Jayce and the Wheeled Wariors is yet an other show which was one great cartoon, also too support the sales of the Mattel toy line ( actually I don't remember those).  It ran for 65 episodes and never came to concluding one, so the plot still remains unresolved. Why was the show great? Agian it played in outer space. The main character, Jayce, was a brave, strong minded kid and you just wanted to be him. Like kids today want to Harry Potter, Ron or Hermione. The plot was also well thought in comparison to other cartoons from that time.

"The plot concerns Jason "Jayce" Lightwheel, is chosen to go on an intergalactical quest to rejoin his father and together with his friends (called the Lighting League, consisting of Hercules "Herc" Stormsailor ( a Han Solo Type of guy), Oon Knight (a cowardly, & sometimes brave squire , but nonetheless truly devoted to serving his new master & friend, Jayce Lightwheel),  Flora, Jayce's sister G, illian Lightwheel  (a Wizardly mentor, & grandpa to both Jayce & Flora) Brock Lightwheel . Flora's companion flying fish) save the universe from the wrath of Saw Boss & his Monster Minds Family Empire". 

Just have a look at the intro form the cartoon sereis and you'll know just why this would make a great film. 


And last but not least, Thundercats! I don't think I 'll have to tell you why this would make for a good live action movie. They just should make it, after the failing attempt to re-boot the cartoon, in animee style, on Cartoon Network. 


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