Fun with JJ and Zack

It seems that J.J. Abrams and Zack Snyder are having some fun with one another on Twitter. Star Wars and Batman fans might have picked on this in a previous post on Facebook or on the Bad Robot and Zack Snyder Twitter accounts. If not here’s what is going on. The two directors are  having fun with mashing up the DC Comics world with the Star Wars univers and the otherway around.  
It all started when Zack Snyder tweeted a photo of Henry Cavill dressed as a Jedi Knight, captioning it "Superjedi" and since than it has been "Game On" or "Challenge Accepted"  (or how you wanna call it).
The response was a "Boyegaman",  a mash up of  John Boyega dressed up in a Batman suit armed with Han Solo’s Blaster. John Boyega stars in the new Star Wars Eps VII, character name is not yet known.
And so the “battle” between the continued as you can see in the following pictures.
R2-D2 with Batman 
C-3PO as Batman with the Batsignal turned into the Rebelsignal
Stormtroopers being arrested in Gotham City.
And the epic video of Batman's Tumbler on the Millennium Falcon. Star Wars fans feast your eyes! 
This "game" has been brought to the next level by J.J. Abrams and his crew. So I wonder what Zack Snyder will do to even come close to the level to at which this “game” now has been taken.  All we can do now wait and so stay tuned to more Fun with JJ and Zack