Holy Edison! You're a whiz, Batman!

The Dark Knight Rises is problably the most talked about film this season. The end of the Dark Knght Trilogy. I remember seeing Batman the tv show from the 1960′s ( re-run of course). Really .. who didn’t like the annimated: Kapow, Sploosh, Zok, Crash, Whamm!! & Zokk! I think this is the most memorable part of the show besides Dick Grayson’s one liners ( “holy (whatever), Batman!”) Since than Bruce Wayne has changed faces a dozen times ( 5 times to exact: Adam West ( original ), Micheal Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale).

The Dark Knight series, I think to be great. At first I thought it was going to be just another Batman movie, which at the end of the reboot in the 1990′s were horrible. Casting became worse, storyline was bad. It started out promising with Micheal Keaton as Batman in the first 2 installments, but the rest of them, wel not my cup tea.

Christopher Nolan set a new standard with Batman Begins. Dark, gloomy, heavy, nothing to be cheery about, just as the Dark Knight series should be ( for those who read the Legend of the Dark Knight comics Nolan followed up on it nicely). What was so great about Nolan’s Batman, easy answer: Bale as Batman is great and so was the cinematography of both installments and lets not forget Heath Ledger’s Joker, which I found truly amazing ( “Why so Serious?” ). I bet it was hard for him to fill the shoes of Jack Nicholson’s Joker ( cause that was already great acting on mr Nicholson’s part).

Funny thing is that with the Dark Knight Rises still to hit the cinemas, there is already talk of a reboot with Ryan Reynolds as the new Batman. Which caused much debate since he also played the part of Deadpool in Wolverine and Green Latern ( which too raised a few questions on the interwebs). But this could also be hoax since the article on it came out on April 1st.

For now let’s enjoy The Dark Knight Rises starring Bale as Batman, I know I will