The Short that got a 30 million dollar budget

I couldn't remember the name of this short film, all I did remember was that it looked great and had giant robots in it as well as space ships. But I found the short film made by Fede Alvarez back in 2009, Panic Attack. It's about giant robots fight and destoying the capital of Urugay, Montevideo. Only 4 and some plus minutes long, but is amazing still. Even after all this time.  And  the budget it was made on was only $300,00. Imagen what one could do on a full Hollywood budget and here it comes.  

Alvarez was offered a $30 million US to get this short film into a feature presentation. According to the BBC news (from 2009), Sam Rami would sponsor this project. A deal was struck with Ghost House Pictures to get this project of the ground, but since then nothing has been heard of any development on this, which is too bad because it has a lot of potention. 
But I can see you think, Fede Alvarez, where did I hear this name before. The answer, his first project for Ghost House Pictures was the remake of Evil Dead. So where does this leave the feature film for Panic Attack? My guess, it's been put on a shelf to be picked up at a later stage or not at all. 
On the other hand I hope Alvarez will get to do this movie after Evil Dead instead of doing something else first. But seeing as how succesful he was on Evil Dead let see him finish what he started, and let's have Panic Attack coming to the big screen in a few years time. For it is been way overdue.  
Gotten curious yet? Than it's time check the Video below.