Star Wars Eps VII - Why the plot snippet is important


20/03/2014 The first official announcement regarding Star Wars Eps VII was released, by Disney’s Bob Iger, and although it seemed a minor news, it was important to the fans. Why? 
There have been all sorts of rumours concerning the new film, which is set to be released December 18th 2015. Two days ago the first official news, in a long time, was announced through the Star Wars official blog that the new film will take place 30 years after The Return of the Jedi and that shooting will begin in May 2014. They also announced that we will see some new faces as well as (and here it comes) familiar ones. 
So where does that leave us fans/ First I am happy that some official news was finally released. Ever since the film was announced the news was mostly made up of rumours and speculations. Second the phrase “familiar faces” makes me happy. It means that the old gang might actually return. Ever since Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark) and J.J. Abrams took it upon themselves to re-write the script I have become more hopeful about the new “trilogy”. 
What it is about Star Wars that so many people love and cherish? To be frank I don’t know. If I look at myself, they are part of my childhood. I used to love playing with the toys and the films were, and still are, pure movie magic. The original trilogy inspired in more ways than any other movie in the history of movies. Just look at the 501st Legion, spread across the globe and doing all sort of charity and fundraising. Take any giving tv show and you will probably hear one or two references on the Star Wars film (F.R.I.E.N.D.S , The Big Bang Theory, and many more). The original trilogy is by far better than the prequels films and why is that? Simple: the story is rubbish, the acting is bad (in most cases), everything looks too clean and what it basically lacks is heart. The key to original films which wasn’t in the prequels, Heart!
When the previous Star Trek films were released I actually was amazed and felt cheated that these films were so great, even though I am not a Star Trek fan, and that the Star Wars prequels were so bad. So when the news arrived that J.J.Abrams was brought on board as the producer my hopes raised, since he openly stated he is a Star Wars fan. What he did with the Star Trek films, well, if he makes the new Star Wars films like that, they will become instant classics.

And now with the shooting and a snippet of the plot announced  I am betting casting announcements will follow soon and I am really looking forward to this as well as the release of the first image, plot details and the first footage. And I know I will get goosebumps when I see the first trailer and it will bring out my 8 year old self, as probably will happen to all the other fans out there.

Star Wars will always remain inspiring and that is why the release of the plot snippet was important to fans (so I think).