The Death of Princess

It was 1983 and I was 8 years old when Star Wars Return of the Jedi hit the Dutch cinemas. I remember it like it was yesterday. I saw the film, for the first time, on vhs. It was a very crappy bootleg copy a friend of mine had. How he came about it I don’t know. Because it was such a bad copy we watched it while playing with our Star Wars toys based on The Empire Strike Back. But when the Jabba sequence came we stopped. Wow, did we just fall in love with the the most beautiful woman we had ever see, Princess Leia as a slave at Jabba’s Palace.
Princess Leia was many things, she was independent, a leader, strong and caring. The beginning of girlpower one might argue. But Carrie Fisher was more! A writer, an actress, a mom, funny ( just look at her Twitter account).
Carrie Fisher suffered a heart attack on her way back from promoting het latest book, The Princess Diarist. 8 Days ago she posted a picture of her in Bruges and I thought she looked like a crazy bag lady. It was just one those pics she posted all the time, most of which her dog Gary took centre stage. Even though she posted pics like these, her witty comments like: “New Quiz for #MothersDay: Who would your mom be in a galaxy far, far away?” she relpied: “ @starwars Natalie Portman” and humor that made her fun to follow, that made her Carrie.
Today I am 41 years old, Carrie Fisher was 60. But I will always look at her just as I did back in 1983, seeing a strong and one helluva goodlooking woman.
It is said Carry Fisher “drowned in Moonlight strangeled by her own bra”. Carrie Fisher has passed away at the age of 60. She leaves behind  her daughter Billy, her mother Debbie Reynolds, her brother Todd Fisher and their half-sisters Joely Fisher and Tricia Leigh Fisher along with her beloved dog Gary.