The Star Wars New Comic Series by Dark Horse

Ever since it was annouced that 3 more Star Wars film are being made, there is constant buzzing of rumors ( the latest being Ian McDiarmid reprising his role as The Emperor) , what if's even the casting call appeared on the internet. Personally I would like to see what J.J.Abrams will do , I liked what he did to the Star Trek movies. 
I did read some of the books, which come after Return of The Jedi (ROTJ), aswell as some of the comics, but never followed anu story arc, just read some at random. To fixed on the orginal films that eveything else didn't sound like Star Wars. 
But as time progressed and books on and about Star Wars kept being published there is one I remember best, it was an aniverasy book on the trilogy and I got it from the library.  For youngsters, that is a place were you could borrow books (books are those heavy paper things with letters in them ,that make up a story).  Anyway it had a chapter in there which was about the original story George Lucas wrote up for “The Star Wars”. A story on Anikin Starkiller, General Luke Skywalker, The Force was some sort of Orb. It had Jedi Knight as wel as Sith Knights. And instead of Light Sabers there were Lazerswords. On reading this I thought that I could has been a great film, book, or comic. The later is now happening. 
Dark Horse has turned the original script into a comic series called “The Star Wars” and the first comic will be on sale September 4th. Looking at the previews of it. it looks great, just have a look at the preview below. 

"The Star Wars" Comic Book Teaser Trailer