dear mr JJ Abrams

Dear mr Abrams,

Ever since I was a little kid I fell in love with Star Wars. My friends and I had the toys and made up our own adventures and replayed scenes of the films. Over the years Star Wars has always been a part of my life, always present. In music, TV shows which reffered to the original trilogy, books, comics and computer games, I remember buying Rebel Assualt II because it contained the first new live action scenes since Return of the Jedi. 

When George Lucas said he was going to make three new Star Wars film as to why Darth Vader became Darth Vader is was stoked. When the first trailer for The Phantom Menace arrived I chooked up (I remember seeing it it the kitchen of the restaurant I worked at back then). These three never had that vibe the original films had and I won't go in to that discussion. But when it was announced that a seventh film was to made and the former Expanded Universe was no longer to be called "the canon" a shock went trough me "as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced".  

I thought to myself that the onlyone who can pull this of is J.J. Abrams and you said you didn't want to do it. When the rumor mill went crazy and a picture of you and George hit the interwebs, shortly after which it was annouced that you were going to direct Star Wars after all,  I felt that the series was back on track and if your Star Trek reboot hadn't already convinced me you were the right person for the job, the teaser trailer made me sure about it. Boy did that look beautiful. Not in my wildest dream could I 've thought of the scenes that made it up, a desert (thinking of Tatooine at the time), the new Stormtroopers suits, the  X-Wings, the strange looking light saber and than, in the end, the Millinium Falcon. 

I went to see film the first day it was realeased in the Netherlands, Dec 16h, and I thought is was brilliant. It lived up to my expectations and than some. The characters are once agian lovable and they felt real, the same as with the original films. You can see how much love was put in to it. You can see it in the sets, in the puppets (instead of CGI), the old mixed with the new. You put the Star Wars back in Star Wars and for that I want to thank you. Thank you for this great film. Thank you for bringing me back to my childhood for 135 min. Thank you for filming Star Wars The Force Awakens