A new clip for World War Z has landed.

London burning in the new World War Z banner. And a new clip for World War Z is here. It's a 45 second clip. We see United Nations investigator Gerry Lane (PItt) being asked for his help to find out what ever is the cause of the Zombie Pandemic. And so Lane is faced with a hard choice: stay with his famliy and protect them or leave them behind a help the government fight the pandamic. 

"Take a look around here, Mr. Lane. Each and every one of these people are here because they serve a purpose. There's no room here for non-essential personnel.  You want to help your family? Let's figure out how we stop this. It's your choice, Mr. Lane."


World War Z will be in the cinemas July 2013 and stars.Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale.