Andy Serkis's voice comfirmed in teaser trailer The Force Awakens


I was wondering about the voice in the teaser for Star Wars The Force Awakens, and on this mornings show Good Morning America, which airs on ABC (owned by Disney) it was confirmed that the voice that says : "There has been an awakening... have you felt it? The Dark side... and the Light." is the voice of Andy Serkis. 

Another great little detail about the teaser was released as well. At the end of the video we hear a lightsaber igniting. Apparentlly this was a clip that was lifted from the scene in A New Hope where Luke Skywalker ignites the iconic weapon for the first time. 


Some people think they eard the sound of an AT-AT as well but this has not been confirmed. In light of what we saw last Friday I am hoping more will be released soon. For to wait another 4-10 months for news, images, posters and clips to arrive will make 2015 a very long year. 


More on Star Wars The Force Awakens as it comes in, so stay tuned!


(source: Good Morning America)