Dwayne Johnson as Green Latern


This is some "old"news but it juts spreading on the internet, as someone, noticed something odd about an old instagram post by Dwayne Johnson. In his instagram post The Rock use a paculiar hastag...“#JohnStewartCanStillWhupSupermansAss”

What is so special about that, you might ask? Well nothing, the man is a big guy is you compare him to Henry Cavill aka Superman. 

Some time later the following tweet was send by Dwanye Johnson: 




Add these two seemingly innnocent posted up and there's a link. So the Rock signed up with Warner for a DC project. Could it be that a Justice League film is in the works. According to Latino Review's sources Warner is planning so and shooting both movies back to back. There's the fact that "Henry Cavill supposedly saying he’s set to film for the next 10 months, which is quite a lot of time to spend on just one movie".  

Combine all of this with the rumor that Dwayne Johnson is cast a Green Latern and alls the rumor ciculating the Man of Steel 2 film. It looks like the story of Dwayne and the Justice League are becoming less of a rumor and more factual. Of course none of this confirmed by parties involved so for now it speculation and something to ponder over. 


More on the new Man of Steel aka Batman vs Superman, The Justice League and Dwayne as Green Latern as I get it. 

(source: Latino Review)