Gremlins reboot is moving forward


Remember Gremlins, the classic hit film from 1984? The one about Gizmo the Mogwai, about not getting him wet and no food after 0:00. A film about the little green monsters that spawn from it when you don't stick to rules? Remember we told about a possible remake/reboot a few months ago?

Well Warner Bros is moving forward with a remake and it seems they already have a writer/producer, and his name is Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter).  

The thing is, should you reboot Gremlins? And if so would you use pupperteers of replace them with CGI? Imagen a CGI Gizmo, he'll lose most of his cuddlyness and Gizmo is still by far one the best and adorable creatures thought of in the 80's.

But is seems that Hollywood is fresh out of ideas.There is already Weird Science of which they are going to do a remake. One can only wonder what is next? The Goonies? The Breakfast Club? Some films should be left alone, but that is just me and this was one of those films I loved when I was a kid, and still love even though it is somewhat out dated.  




More on the Gremlins remake/reboot as it comes in