Hercules The Legend Begins trailer 2

Hercules The Legend Begins gets a second trailer. It's wresteling time as we see Hercules lifting up hs enemies and throwing them around the arena as if they were mere ragdolls. Some scene do remind of the Starz series Spartacus: Gods of The Arena. Check it out below and see for yourself. 

Plot: 'In Ancient Greece 1200 B.C., a queen succumbs to the lust of Zeus to bear a son promised to overthrow the tyrannical rule of the king and restore peace to a land in hardship. But this prince, Hercules, knows nothing of his real identity or his destiny. He desires only one thing: the love of Hebe, Princess of Crete, who has been promised to his own brother. When Hercules learns of his greater purpose, he must choose: to flee with his true love or to fulfill his destiny and become the true hero of his time. The story behind one of the greatest myths is revealed in this action-packed epic – a tale of love, sacrifice and the strength of the human spirit."



The film will be released March, 2014 ans stars: Kellan Lutz, Gaia Weiss, Scott Adkins, Roxanne McKee, Liam Garrigan, Liam McIntrye, Rade Serbedzija, Johnathon Schaech