Indiana Jones recast and reboot possible

Rumor of the day! I am not a big fan of these, but this is one that I thought I need to share with you guys for it concerns Indiana Jones! 

Ever since Disney took over the Indiana Jones rights from Paramount there has been talk of a possible fifth installment but it has a deadline. Harrison Ford (71) isn't getting any younger even though he's still in good shape and might retrun as Han Solo in the new Star Wars film, chances are that by the time Disney plans a new a Indy film he might be closer to 75.  That means Disney might recast him and so the rumor begins

According to our friends over at Latino Review there are plans to recast Ford as Indy. On top of their list there's a name and it is none other than Bradley Cooper. Cooper has proven himself as an actor in the various roles he took on over the years. 

Is this a weird choice? To be honest, I think not. Beside Ford there have been two younger versions of Indy. River Phoenix and Partick Flanery have taken on the part in The last Crusade and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. So Bradley Cooper could take on the role as a younger version of the man with the hat, set between the Chronicles and Raiders of the Lost Ark. This way the series is brought back to the "original" timeline and we can forget about The Kingdom of The Crystal Skulls (actually that was ok, but the ending was horrible).  

Besides naming Bradley Cooper as a "replacement" Latino Review is also naming Frank Darabont (The Walking Dead) as a possible screenwriter and that he has already pichted an idea towards Disney for a next Indiana Jones movie. 

Mind you this is all rumors and speculation and we'll just have to see what Disney decides on a new Indy film.

(source: Latino Review