It's a Wonderful Life gets a sequel


The new came that Frank Carpa's: It's a Wonderful Life (starring James Steward and Donna Reed) is getting a sequel withe the title "It's A Wonderful Life: The Rest of the Story" and is being produced by Allen J. Schwalb of Star Partners and Bob Farnsworth of Hummingbird. Star Partners who will produce this film. The are the people behind films such as: "The Right Stuff,” “The Killing Fields,” “The Color Purple,” “The Mission,” “Moonstruck” and “Rain Man." 

Some casting details are known too, Karolyn Grimes, who played George Bailey’s daughter “Zuzu” in the original, will return. And there's the plot: "Bailey’s unlikeable grandson (also named George Bailey) how much better off the world would have been had he never been born."


I have to be objective about this, I think, but seeing as how this film has such an impact on many people it hards not to and, wel,  some comments say it all. Here's some taken from the comment section of IMDB. 



You can find the origianl article on the Variety  website