Jason Sudeikis to take lead in Fletch Won

Remember those Fletch film starring Chevy Chase? They were great films and belong to those great films from the eighties.  It now seems that  (here we go) a reboot is in the works. Warner Bros is moving ahead withe the project, which has been in the works since a long time. And it seems the studio has found a new I.M. Fletcher in Jason Sudeikis, who's is now in talks for the part. 


The title for this reboot of Fletch is called "Fletch Won". Sudeikis has great track record but will have some big shoes to fill when it comes to this project or to put in the "words"  of the Sean Bean meme "One does simply replace Chevy Chase"  

As for the reboot’s story, the film – which shares the title with a prequel novel by McDonald – is described as following  "Fletch Won is an origin story, described as a gritty action comedy with heart and more tonally in line with McDonald's novels than the Chase movies". 


(source: THR)