Kick Ass 2 Hero vs Villian


A new clip for Kick Ass 2 has landed,  and it's all out war between Kick Ass and his arch enemy  Mother -Fucker. Who is ready and waiting to deliver a great pounding to Hit Girl and Kick Ass. Enter the "Avengers" joke by Hit Girl saying to Mother - Fucker "Avengers Assembled, asshole". 

Pay some attention to the music when Kick Ass his merry band of friends walk in. For those who saw Oblivion it should be recocnisable. The track is from the score by M83 and is called Waking Up. 

Anyhow, enjoy the clip. 




Kick Ass 2 Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz and Jim Carrey
Kick Ass is scheduled to hit the cinemas Jun28th (US) and Ausgust 2013 for Europe.