Lovelace, the film about the live of Linda Lovelace, who was abused by her husband, Chuck Traynor, who coerst her into the world of porn. Ann bringing in it to the big screen, with the 70'scult hit Deep Throat.

The Film went in premiere at The Sundance Festival 2013 but after that there was no more news on it. No trailer, no publicity what so ever. 

Weinstein Company has aquired the rights to the movie straight after the festival but a film with an all star cast with the likes of Amanda Seyfried, James Franco, Sharon Stone Peter Sarsgard and Juno Temple. 

To me it seems the ingredients are right, the cast is right, so what delay could there be for the movie to come or for Weinstein tp push it back this far? It is more an art house film than a major blockbuster so they shouldn't need worrying about it bring snowed under by all the up coming DC and Marvel porductions. 

Will Lovelace be one of those movies that will be put on a shelf and will never be heard from agian or will it go straight to DVD? I wonder which it will be. We'll keep you in the loop. 




Lovelace starring: Amanda Seyfried, James Franco, Sharon Stone Peter Sarsgard and Juno Temple.