Mad Men Space Show

Who likes Mad Men? The highly aclaimed hit series by AMC. The writers of it are now pitching a show about  the 1960 Space Race and the Appolo projects u to the Moon landing in 1969.

Wired Magazine spoke to Bonnie King, “who emphasized that the show is far from a done deal, and is only one of several film projects currently in consideration for filming in the region”.

Could a show about the space race Mad Men style work? Romance, intrigues, astronouts and space pioneers. It does sound like a succes, AMC style. The early pioneers of space travel owe much of their legend to the reporters who followed them, “spinning an intricate fantasy of space exploration at the peak of the Cold War”. 
The Space Race was one of the high lights during of the Cold War. The USA and USSR both wanted to claim space as theirs. 
Space is still something people dream of one way or the other and we live in the year 2013. Look at movies from the 1960's and how their vision was of our time. We still have a similar vision of the future, take for instance Star Trek, of the Fifth Element and the fact that millions of peole watched the Mars Rover land. Space in uncharted territory, still! 

More news on this as we get it and we hope it will come.

Appolo 1 crew training
Appolo 1 crew training