Marvel is Moving Forward with Captain America 3


According to sources at Variety, Marvel is moving forward with Captain America's third installment and The Winter Soldier has yet to be released: "Anthony and Joe Russo will be back in the director’s chair for a third installment, even though the film hasn’t officially been greenlit."


Marvel and Russo are not open for comment, since all this is still in an early stage of delevelopement. But it is no surprise that Marvel is already looking at Captain America 3 even though The Winter Soldier yet has to be released and is, clearly, confident that it will do well. Which, of course, is no surprise if we look at how Iron Man 3 (Worldwide: $1,215,439,994) and Thor 2 (Worldwide: $632,909,243) smashed the box offices.


Captain America The WInter Soldier will hit the cinemas this April.

(Sources Variety & Boxoffice Mojo