It's Poster galore

Some new movie posters for The Wolverine, Riddick, Pacific Rim and new comer on here, The Heat! 

First up the charcater poster for (drum role) Jean Grey, so will she be more than a flashback? We will see. 


Next up is the Imax poster for for Pacific Rim. 


Riddick Imax poster is next. But is not a very original setting since to mee it reminds me too much of the Pitch Black poster. You decide.


Last but not least the Poster for The Heat. This the new Sandra Bullock flck co-starring  Melissa McCarthy as two crazy polices officers. More on it on this site coming soon. If you think "this looks familiar?" That's right it's got that eights style thiong going on, true, It has that Beverly Hills Cop thing happening.