New Star Wars Rebels Short called Entanglement


Star Wars have released a new short film to introduce yet an other new character for the up coming animated series (cartoon show) Star Wars Rebels. This time we meet Zeb. A  well trained honor guard. 

Series art director Kilian Plunkett adds: “Zeb actually is pretty articulate, and witty, and funny, and that juxtaposed with what he looks like makes for an interesting character.”

Thing about Zeb is that, if you have seen Ralph McQuarrie's concept art for Chewbacca, you see where the "design" for Zeb comes from. 


Same goes for The Inquistor and Chopper (see image above of R2-D2). It  seems that the creators have taken a close look at all of Ralph McQuarrie's concept art and not just this new cartoon but also JJ Abrams has taken a good look at the original art, but this will be relvealed to us at a later stage. For now enjoy this short film called "Entanglement"


(source: Star Wars)