New images for the Dutch film Kenau


Kenau, a Dutch film set in the 16th Century (1572) during the Spanish rule over Holland. The plot of the film is as follows: "Kenau runs a profitable shipyard in Haarlem when the city is under siege by the Spanish army. Fed by grief and hate because the execution of her youngest daughter, Kenau raises an army of women and begins a heroic battle against the Spanish. Because of fear and pain she now stands to loose her oldest daughter too."

Hit jump to check out the teaser trailer and below are the new images. 



and the new images. 




Kenau will the Dutch cinemas March 2014 and stars: Barry Atsma, Monic Hendrickx, Sallie Harmsen Peter van den Begin, Lisa Smit Matthijs van de Sande-Bakhuijzen, Sophie van Winden, Eva Bartels, Anne-Marie Jung.