Confirmed - R2-D2 Will return for Star Wars Eps VII


It has been officially confirmed that the fan favorite astrodroid R2-D2 will return for Star Wras EPs VII. This was made official through  the Star Wars blog. "Kathleen Kennedy, and a certain blue and white astromech droid — who can now confirm will indeed be in the film". 


The R2 Unit was build by members of the worldwide R2-D2 Builders Club and they will be working on the film too. You can read the full story over at the Star Wars Blog. 

This is this first offical confirmation on the "cast"of the new Star Wars film, neither Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill are officailly confirmed. Carrie Fisher says she is in.  Ford won't say anything and Mark Hamill said to Samuel L. Jackson that no one even talked to him. Is he throwing us of? 



The casting calls are out there and the only one who spoke she was to audition is Saoirse Ronan, but she missed out on the part.  More on Star Wars Eps VII ad I get it.