Richard Donner says Goonies sequel is happening

It's one of my favorite childhood films. Every time I watch it I still want to live an adventure like The Goonies did. Finding treasure, the great water slide, discovering the pirate ship of One Eyed Willie When I saw the film for the first time at the movies, back in 1985 (I was 10) some parts scared the heck out of me especially the moment when Sloth came into the picture. I crawelled away under the seats. 

Over the weekend came the news that Richard Donner is really busy getting a sequel done. To quote the man :" We're doing a sequel" he told TMZ  adding to that he hopes the old cast will return to make this happen. 

Even though a Goonies sequel is talked about for a long time (in 2009 Empire Magazine reported on it already) it appears that Donner is now moving forward with his plans. 

Would like to see a Goonies sequel happen? 

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(source: TMZ)