Richard Donner says Steven Spielberg is involved in the Goonies 2

TMZ "ran"into Richard Donner the other and asked him what the status was of The Goonies sequel after the last reported on it. This is what he to say on the matter.

"Hopefully we’re gonna get this done,” said Donner  and continued “Steven Spielberg came up with the idea of doing a sequel after 30 years… you don’t do it without him.”

Wait what's that? Did mr Donner just say that Steven Spielberg is also involved in the sequel? Is this part of his busy shedule? Or is The Goonies now added to this. To see mr Spielberg attached to the sequel is a good thing since this might also be the push the original cast is waiting for to come along in for The Goonies 2.  For that is still an answered question, for this is what mr Donner had to say or their return.

"God knows,” said the director when asked who will be back on board. “It’s up to them. If they have any sense, they will, and if they don’t they won’t.”

More on the Goonies sequel as it comes in. 

(source: TMZ