SXSW Trailer Michael Bay's The Last Ship


Last year I already teased you with the first promo for Michael Bay's tv series "The Last Ship". If an air date was set I said I would come back to you with the news, and now it is here. The first episode will June 22nd on TNT and they released a second promo for the series a few days ago.

The refresh your mind on the here's the plot: " The show is based on the novel by the same name from William Brinkley.  The Last Ship is set in the early part of the first half of the 21st century, the world wide devastation of mankind is the result of a pandemic which the crew must find a cure".


Hit Jump and check out the trailer for it. 


The Last Ship stars: Eric Dane as Capt. Tom Chandler. Rhona Mitra as Dr. Rachel Scot, Adam Baldwin as the Nathan James and Tracy Middendorf as Chandler's wife.