Scarface remake gets a director in Pablo Larrain


Scarface, a gangster film classic, gets a remake. Yes a remake, but to be fair the Scarface from 1983,  which most of us love so much ,is already a remake from the Scarface film from 1932. So the film wasn't orignal back then. And now the remake will get a director in Pablo Larrain who directed "NO". 

The 1932 film was about bootlegging, which was a hot topic at the time. The Brian De Palma version was about drugs and Cuban immigrants. This remake will be (rumor)  on the present-day Mexican drug cartels and Mexican immigrants. And like in the previous films it will see a troubled young man and his rise to power with the cartels. 


According to Th Wrap: "The new “Scarface” will be a more mythic origin story that explores where Tony’s physical and emotional wounds come from and how they shaped him as a man".

Paul Attanasio (Donnie Brasco) wrote the latest version of the screenplay and Marc Shmugeris will be producing the film with Marty Bregman, who produced the 1983 Brian De Palma film.


(Source: The Wrap