Star Wars Episode VII set pics leaked online

Ever since I was a kid I love Star Wars, which sometimes drives my girlfriend up the wall, so with the making of Star Wars Episode VII the fever rises to a whole new level and she decide to ride it out until next year. So when TMZ got their hands on these set pics I needed to share these with you.

It is good to see that J.J.Abrams has rebuild Tatooine and the marketplace and the fact that the creature are once puppet and not CGI is what I am thrilled about most, so far.

We all know the secrecy shrouds J.J.Abrams projects. With the OMAZ video he already gave us an official peak at the set, but in a world with smart phones it hard not to have leaks in your team. Even the actors Instagram their work on the film. But these images are of such quality that maybe they were tended to be "leaked". 

So what do we see in these pics. Black smoke, a crash perhaps? A new sort of creature, which is not Dewback. All sort of people in the market place. A sign which says "Warning" in Galactic language. Buildings and more. 


Hop over to TMZ to see the set pics! by clicking on the link. Enjoy! 

Star Wars Episode VII will be in cinemas dec 2015.