Star Wars stand alone films will be Star Wars: Origin


Some Star Wars news, this time on the stand alone films. During a presentation at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media by Disney's CFO Jay Rasulo commented on some Star Wars questions, one of them being them being the up coming films, the sequels and stand alone films , to which he refered to as Star Wars: Origins. Where did I hear that before? A yes The X-Men: Orgins, WOlverine. after which the Origins title was dropped by Fox very fast.  

Rasulo said that with Star Wars ""The sky's the limit," says Rasulo of Star Wars. "There's incredible flexibility. It's an unbelievable palette to create from."  But after the Lone Ranger "fail"he did caution; "There needs to be a cap on (budgets of) tentpole franchise movies.” “Going forward, we will see a cap on spending on those movies,”

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Are you looking forward to the new Star Wars or its Origins film?