Star Wars releases old trailers from the Original Trilogy

Lucas Film has been releasing old trailers from the orginal Trilogy for a week now. All are never seen before trailers which come from the Lucasfilm Vault and are great for the fans of the original trilogy. 


But I tend to wonder as to why they are doing this. So far only snippets for Eps VII are out there and mostly those are rumors. So what do they have planned for the fans? Are they leading us on untill big news on Star Wars EpsVII will arrive? Seeing as J.J.Abrams is at the helm and the fact that he's a big fan of the orginal Trilogy and the fact that he likes to tease his audience, this all makes me wonder as to why, when and how! But for now is nostalgia and bringing back that great Star Wars feeling back, whishing you were a kid again. 

Below you will find the Orginal trailers for. Star Wars: A New Hope. 


Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back orginal Trailer



And Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi. Later re-named into Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. 



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