TV Series Bitten Promo

Bitten is a new TV series that centers around  Elena Michaels(Laura Vandervoort) , the world's only female werewolf who, years after being bitten, is working as a photographer in Toronto and trying to keep mum about her secret. She's forced to confront her past, though, when a bunch of bodies turn up at a werewolf sanctuary. Based off the "Otherworld" book series by Kelley Armstrong.


The trailer for it looks good and it has that Netflixs' Hemlock Grove vibe, which is good, for Hemlock Grove was a great series. All we can do wait a few more to days to find out.



Bitten will season 1 will premiere on January 11th on Space  and stars Laura Vandervoort, Greyston Holt, Greg Bryk, Paul Greene