The Star Wars Toys Documentary You Want To See

Who, as a kid, didn't play with Star Wars toys. Back in 1970's and 80's  they were toys and not collecters items, which stay in the box so that they be more valuable. Never to be played with.  

Back when I was kid you got home ripped open the cover and started to play with them and thought up more adventures for the dynamic fivesome, Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, 3PO and R2. 

"Plastic Galaxy is a documentary that explores the groundbreaking and breathtaking world of Star Wars toys. Through interviews with former Kenner employees, experts, authors, and collectors, it looks at the toys’ history, their influence, and the fond and fervent feelings they elicit today."

It's been a fun and great documentary to watch. Seeing all these ofl toys agian. Some I still have others have been lost over the course of time. If you're looking for a documentary on Star Wars this is sure one you would like to see, for mostly it's a trip down memory lane. 



The film is out and available on iTunes and DvD More information on Plastic Galaxy