Thor The Dark World

Some more Marvel news coming in. Sunday we had the poster for Thor: The Dark World and today we get two set pics which will be followed by the trailer on Wednesday. It will be a while untill Thor can be seen on the big screen, but more Thor "goodies" will follow,  if the same strategy is used like for Iron Man 3, which will hit blast it's way to a cinema near you this week. 

Thor picks up not too long after the events in The Avengers, as Thor brings the now-defeated Loki (Tom Hiddleston) back to Asgard, only to encounter a new threat: the vengeful Dark Elf leader Malekith the Accursed (Christopher Eccelston) who is both after Earth and Asgard.

But as we can see from one of these pics Jane Foster(Nathalie Portman) is back as well, this time she does get a chance to journey to Asgard, by the looks of her costume. 

Thor The Dark World gives us a better look at Asgard and and closer look at the Thor character: "I really wanted to ramp up his skill set in battle," says Hemsworth. "He's not just this Viking throwing the hammer. Here he's more demigod with dynamic moves we haven't seen before." ( source USA Today).


Thor Dark World will be in the cinema November 2013.