Vin Diesel confirms plans for new Riddick sequel


Have you seen the last Riddick film? Yes? are you a fan of the Riddick series, Yes? Than I have some good new for you. Plans for a next Riddick film is out in the open. This has been conformed by Vin DIesel in a video (on his Facebook). In this video Vin Diesel says: "Universal's just called me and told me that, Riddick is nr1 in the dvd charts. he continues. "and of course Universal is also saying they want to develope the next one".


I have posted that video from FB on here and beware it contains footage of him Katy Perry's new song "Dark Horse"...  






So there we have it... A 4th Riddick. Btw what did you think of his dancing? More on the new Riddick as it comes in.