Weird Science remake confirmed

Just in.The Universal has just annouced that it going to do a remake of the one of the 80's classics, Weird Science. Remember that movie by John Hughes about two geeky kids trying to create the hottest women on earth, on the computer, and actually succeding, in the likes of Kelly LeBrock.
Gary and Wyatt are going to return to the big screen. None other than Joel Silver (who also worked on the original) is going to produce it and Miceal Bacall ( Project X, 21 Jump Street) will write the script. 
But this remake raises some questions. Are all bets off in Hollywood? Is this going to open the door for other great 80's classics like The Breakfast Club , Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and The Goonies? There is a rumor on a Gremlins remake. What happened to fresh idea's people? The TV show from the 90's was funny, but that was just a belate spinoff from the movie. 
Will Hollwood finally tap into the movies we loved as kids? I hope I am wrong and that all will be fine, but for some reason I have a bad feeling about were this all is going. Before we know it  there will  remakes of Breakfast at Tiffany's and Casablanca. 
More on Weird Science as it comes in, but for now enjoy and cherisch these great childhood moments with stills from the orginal and its trailer. Btw the original starred a very young Robert Downy Jr. 


And the trailer from back in the 80's when we had to actually go to the cinemas to see them. Note the floppy disk, o boy, I can't believe we used those.