X-Men Apocalpyse movie set for May 2016


Yesterday a surprising and great tweet was send by Bryan Singer. It said the following;" Xmen Apocalypse 2016". So there we have it. The next X-Men film will be about Apocalypse and that, my movie friends, is great news! 

For those who are not that familiar with the X-Men comics you are going to in for treat, for (I think) the story arc Age of Apocalypse is the best the writers ever produced. It also opens the door to the expanded X-Men univers and is able to introduce a whole lot of new characters such as: Blink,  Wild Child Banshee and Legion, the time travelling son of Xavier.

Whether or not Days Of Future Past's ending may well set up a lead into the next film we'll still have to wait and see. But this all look very promising. 

More on this as I get it.